Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme [TEQIP] PHASE - II



Workshop & Faculty Development Programmes Conducted

Revised IDP - VJTI, Mumbai

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting 05.12.2013 for Procurement of PC's NCB_VJTI_INST_13, Laptops NCB_VJTI_INST_11  and   Desktop PC’s NCB_VJTI_INST_10  

General  Guidelines and Instructions to  Bidders 

 INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB)- National Competitive Bidding (Goods)--TEQIP-II

Combined Advertisment for BID VJTI_INSTITUTE  

Centre of Excellence in “Complex & Nonlinear Dynamical Systems" 

Institutional Development Proposal For Scaling up PG Education & Demand Driven Research, Development & Innovation
Project Objectives:
Strengthening institutions to produce high quality Engineers for better employability
Scaling up Postgraduate Education and demand - driven Research & Development and Innovation
Establishing Centers of Excellence for focused applicable research
Training of faculty for effective Teaching and
Enhancing Institutional and System Management effectiveness.

Project Design:
The Project is composed of following Components and Sub-components:

Component 1 :
Improving Quality of Education in Selected InstitutionsSub-Component 1.1 :Strengthening institutions to improve learning, Outcomes and employability of graduates  Sub-Component 1.2 :Scaling-up Postgraduate Education and Demand - Driven Research & Development and Innovation   Establishing Centers of Excellence  Sub-Component 1.3 :Faculty Development for Effective Teaching (Pedagogical Training)
Component 2 : Improving System Management
Sub-Component 2.1 : Capacity Building to Strengthen Management
Sub-Component 2.2 : Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation



"As per Government Resolution No. TEQIP -2011/ (104/11)/TE -2, Mantralaya Annex, Mumbai – 400 32

Dated- 30 November, 2011"

VJTI is selected for participation under sub-component 1.2


  • To significantly increase enrolment in PG programmes in engineering disciplines and enhance engineering research and development and Innovation.

  • Sub Objectives:
    Improve quality and relevance of PG programmes
    Attract more and better qualified students for PG programmes
    Improve faculty qualifications
    Enhance management of the institutions for more effective governance

    Total Funding Rs. 12.50 Crores

    Upcoming Programs:

    Staff Development Program on "Industrial Engineering Tools & Techniques (IETT)".

    Staff Development Program on "Performance Based Design of Structures".

    "Academic support for weak students".