Accolades VJTI 2017-18

  Student Achievements (VJTI Mumbai 2018-19) 


 1  VJTI finishes 5TH overall in the world's most esteemed Aeromodeling Competition

   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ (AIAA) Design/Build/Fly (D/B/F) is an international aeromodelling competition offering a real-world aircraft design experience wherein students have to ideate, design and fabricate an unmanned, electric powered aircraft based on a given problem statement. D/B/F is renowned as the most prestigious competition in the field of aeromodelling. Every year AIAA poses fresh design requirements and performance objectives simulating real-world challenges. VJTI has been participating and representing India in the competition since 2014 and has grown exponentially over the years to achieve top ranks. The Institute has heavily supported the team throughout the year, both technically and financially. Institute funds the entire development of aircraft.

  This year's objective was to build an aircraft to support aircraft carrier operations (similar to aircrafts like F-22, E2C Hawkeye and MiG-21). The aircraft required to be stowed manually such that it rolls through a box of given dimensions and transition from the stowed to flight condition remotely and mechanically lock without assistance. This demonstrated the real-world stowing capability of fighter aircrafts in a hangar on an aircraft carrier. The aircraft had to fly three missions - Delivery, Reconnaissance and Attack mission. The reconnaissance mission included installing and rotation of a radome which offers stealth characteristics to manned aircrafts for simulating radar operations. The attack mission required the aircraft to carry attack stores similar to missiles of a fighter jet that had to be dropped in the specified course of flight at will.

 The team consists of 12 undergraduate students from Mechanical and Production Engineering Departments, viz Aniket Hingole, Kanishka Karpe, Pareshkumar Parihar, Rahul Parmar, Robinson Neelkumar, Rushabh Vora, Salmaan Wadkar, Shubham Shinde, Sharvari Bramhanathkar, Vaibhav Kalamkar, Vinay Jadhav and Yash More. Prof.Arvind Deshpande, Prof. Sachin Naik and Prof. Sachin Mastud were faculty mentors for the participated team. Designing was initiated after understanding the basic requirements of the objective and carrying out a sensitivity analysis of parameters affecting the final score. Once the most sensitive parameter was identified, the plane was designed to best fulfil the parameter while satisfying the remaining requirements. This year, the plane was designed to carry maximum attack stores in the attack mission. Accordingly, the team then divided itself into three sectors: Aerodynamics and Stability, Propulsion and Flight Performance, and Structures, Manufacturing and Testing. Aerodynamics and Stability sub-team analysed airfoils and, selected and sized wing, tail and control surfaces. Propulsion and Flight Performance sub-team selected an appropriate set of propeller, electric motor and battery packs. Structures, Manufacturing and Testing sub-team designed the structure around the design constraints and also fabricated and tested alternatives.

 The three sectors in cohesion designed the aircraft whose maiden flight took place in December. Test flights provided insights on the performance of the plane and showed various required design improvements. The aircraft underwent several iterations and tests before any of the component was finalized, ensuring reliability and integrity. A final model was built in the month of February, and an extensive report describing the design process, the detailing, manufacturing and testing methods used along with the performance result of the aircraft was drafted. This report was sent to the competition judges for scoring. The team scored 86.53 out of total 100 in the report which contributed to the overall score. The aircraft underwent minor changes after Februaryto improve its flight capabilities and performance and the design was finalised in the month of March.  

 The competition fly-offs were held in Tucson, Arizona from 11th to 14th of April. 104 shortlisted teams from over 23 countries attended the fly-offs. The team passed the very critical Technical Inspection on the first day and went on to perform mission flights from the second day. The team had to solve unforeseen problems and challenges that the competition brought. Yet the team successfully completed all the flight and ground mission and achieved an overall 5th rank. The team also finished 1st in Asia.

 This is the highest rank ever achieved by India in this competition breaking the records set by VJTI itself in 2017 of being 7th overall. VJTI has climbed to the top of the score boards of a competition which was otherwise dominated by US universities. These achievements not only make VJTI proud but also puts India on the international map and makes it a formidable competitor to watch out for.

Aircraft in flight Left and in staging area Right 2


The Team with the Aircraft and the Pilot 5

2 Achievement Report on National Level Entrepreneurship Generation-Y competition: Hunar 2.0 Award winner- VJTI Team

Mr. Heet Shah of T Y B Tech Production and Mr. Himanshu Ramrupe of T Y B Tech Civil and Dr. D K Shinde, VJTI Innovation and Startup Cell Coordinator had participated the National level Entrepreneurship Generation –Y competition Hunar 2.0 organized by Jaro Eduatcion. VJTI Team NAVI beat all the national level 14 teams in the Grand Finale who came from IITs NIT, and Universities of East, West, South, North and Central Zone of India and we won the National award of Rs. 3.0 Lakh cash prize, Trophy, and certificates. Also VJTI won the Best Dronacharya Award of cash prize Rs. 5000 and certificate to Dr. Dattaji K Shinde, mentoring best innovative product of the year 2019 for making the SMART NAVIGATION BAND. The ward was given by the hand of Mr. Chetan Bhagat, the best Entrepreneur and great Novelist on 29th January 2019 at iFEEL campus Lonavala, Pune.

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Abhiyantriki Hackthon at K J Somaiya Mumbai ( 5th -6th October 2018)
VJTI Mumbai student team (Sanket Shanbhag, Keivan Shah, Om Modi and Hemang Gandhi of Final year IT) won the first prize of Abhiyantriki Hackthon at K J Somaiya Mumbai on 5-6 October 2018. Student team cracked the problem of Aadhaar-less Verification of Users' Document.

Independence day (15th August 2018)

  VJTI students showcased rubic-cube picture at Mantralaya on country's 72nd independence day.


Student Achievements (VJTI Mumbai 2017-18)



Global Cyber Challenge - Peace-a-thon (20th& 21stNovember 2017)



Team CyGuard comprising of MrSachin Parekh, MrRohit Bhaskar and Mr Tanay Shah of VJTI Mumbai won Global Cyber Challenge as part of 5th Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS 2017). Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji felicitated Team CyGuard from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) on November 23, 2017 at New Delhi. Around 900 participants from 120+ countries had registered for the Global Cyber Challenge. Team CyGuard won the Peace-a-thon challenge with their innovative cyber security solution “Mitigating Public Sector Cyber Cascades”. They developed a real time intrusion detection system (IDS) for the critical infrastructure of power grid which can detect internal as well as external attack vectors in real time. The team was mentored by Prof Dhiren Patel, Director VJTI, and Prof Faruk Kazi from Electrical Engineering Department. 


Ernst & Young (EY) Blockchain Hackathon(28th -30th   July, 2017)



VJTI student team of Saurabh Gupta, Avadhoot Thube, Ashish Kamble, Jheel Nagaria won Ernst & Young (EY) Blockchain Hackathon 2018. E&Y BlockchainHackathon was a 36 hour event conducted inside Zone Startups, BSE Towers, Mumbai. Winner team received 4 Macbook Air laptops as prize. They demonstrated "Peer-to-peer Energy Trading Platform using Blockchain". Team was mentored by Prof. Faruk Kazi and Prof. Dhiren Patel.

Mitsubishi Electric cup-2018 (16th&17th February, 2018 )




‘Team Incognito’ from VJTI comprising of Viplav Sawant,  Mihhirraj Dixit, Mansi Patwari, Nipun Suradkar, won Jury Appreciation Award (Trophy and Rs. 10,000 cash) at Mitsubishi Electric Cup-2018. They presented their innovative work on, "Ladder Logic Malware Detection using Vulnerability Scanning".


ROBOCON 2018 (1st to 3rd March 2018)



Representing VJTI on a national level, Team SRA VJTI achieved 4th position out of 107 teams and also won the Best Manual Operator award in ABU ROBOCON 2018 held at Pune. The task was successfully completed by the manual robot and fully automated robot by achieving “RONGBAY” in 66 seconds (3rd fastest task completion).

NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge(5th March 2018)



AVITRA- Reconnaissance Robot

AVITRA, Human-in-Loop AI Robot of VJTI won People Choice Award of NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge 2018. It is designed to mitigate and work in disaster situations like nuclear and chemical leakages, hostage situations and other emergency situations where sending human is not possible. It uses AI and Deep Learning tools for simultaneous localization and mapping. It possesses a humanoid upper body controlled by imitation-based technique that provides it with unique dexterity and versatility. It also provides a video and audio live streaming to a remotely located operator. A total of 2369 participants from 80 countries took part in this global Challenge.
The team of Amit Kharwandikar, Pranav Udupa, Awadhut Thube, Jay Sawant, Saurabh Gupta and Sachin Parekh won USD 1000 in cash, NVIDIA Titan Xp and Jetson TX2 Board as award money.


Smart India Hackathon 2018 (30th& 31st March 2018)




VJTI team won 2nd Runner-up trophy and a prize of Rs 50000 in Smart India Hackathon 2018. The team of Siddesh Gangan, Rajneesh Katkam, Yash Jain, Dipti Kulkarni, Shreyas Gokhale and Ashish Agrawal presented their solution on Rail-Net. They Solved "Prediction of Fibre Optic Cable Failure using LSTM to Reduce Downtime" for Ministry of Railways. It was a 36 Hrs Hackathon with around 1Lakh participants from across India participating in it. Mentored by Prof Faruk Kazi and Dr Anala Pandit.

 7 BAJA SAEINDIA ( 24th-28th January 2018)



 Team Motorbreath from VJTI received the award for the "Best Sales and Marketing Presentation" along with a cash prize of ₹60,000 at BAJA SAEINDIA 2018 and also ranked Overall 3rd in India in the preceding Virtuals Round against teams from all over the nation. The team, comprising of 20 students from the branches of Mechanical, Production and Electronics Engineering, led by student captain Raj Mehta, represented the institute in January 2018 at Pithampur, Indore, in the internationally acclaimed design competition called BAJA that tasks student teams to design, manufacture and test their very own off road vehicles on the harshest terrain among a variety of other challenges.